How much can i sell chihuahua puppies when they arent registered?

my chihuahua had 5 puppies and i sold the males for $400 and female for $500 and i got good customers, I had to make them give me a deposit if they wanted on

well i paid 350.00 for one male un papered . and I paid 100.00 for a female registered akc . And yes you should always get a deposit . good luck .

  • Kimberly O

    idk how much but i want 1 bad!!!
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    I LOVE chihuahuas!!!!

  • koukla_33

    why are u asking if you've already sold them?
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  • Kate M

    well i paid 350.00 for one male un papered . and I paid 100.00 for a female registered akc . And yes you should always get a deposit . good luck .
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  • Wyandotte Hen

    No papers?
    No integrity in the pedigree?
    No assurance of quality?
    No health clearances?
    No guarantees?
    I'd say for about what you have invested into them, about $10 each?
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  • rescue member

    No registration? No going back several generations to see if the parents have any genetic problems they pass on?
    You don't show your dogs obviously, or breed for the good of the breed.

    No sense of values – just want to make a buck I suspect – hello one more back yard breeder.

    Please stop breeding more dogs to end up dumped in shelters years down the road. You clearly aren't acting responsibly or ethically.

    Stop adding to the misery of pet overpopulation – neuter and spay your dogs and let them have a decent life as the family members they should be = not as a cruel source of a few bucks for you.
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  • bluebonnetgranny

    Dogs without papers are worthless. I would not pay anywhere near that for a dog without papers. In fact the AKC papers don't guarentee that the dog is a dog worth breeding.

    They are just mutts & to me worthless. I can tell you right now that those pups aren't worth anything.

    Your price should be something like $50 bucks not hundreds for a mongrel dog.
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  • bakerssaintsandfriends

    $100 to $200.00 if they come with a health guarantee. If you do not offer a health guarantee, probably $50.00.

    Good Luck
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  • Jennifer T

    Ah. Good 'customers', eh? They could give you money, so they have to be GOOD owners, right? They couldn't possibly be crappy owners who will get sick of trying to housebreak the pup, and stuff it in a cage all day and night, or dump it in a shelter. They couldn't POSSIBLY be the type who will breed the guts out of them every heat cycle, and want them for no other purpose. They had MONEY! THAT'S the most IMPORTANT thing, right? And I just KNOW you got references from vets and neighbors of these great new owners, and you had them sign contracts saying you will take the pups back for the rest of their lives for ANY reason, no matter what. Oh yeah. THAT'S what responsible breeders do! Responsible breeders also do genetic testing so they produce healthy puppies. And they know the standard for their breed. And they show their dogs to prove quality before breeding. You have a LOT more to learn about being a breeder than just how much you need to charge for your poorly bred puppies.
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    Rescuer, vet tech, professional groomer, and show exhibitor of Shetland Sheepdogs for 20 years.

  • Marna O

    I think $50 is fair. Why weren't they registered? Do you have their pedigrees? Did they have pre-breeding health checks?
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