How much can you sell Chihuahua puppies without being regidtered?

I would say no more than $75 since they are not AKC registered, which means that you breed pet quality dogs. That amount should be enough to cover shots and vet checks.

  • decbaby8303

    depends how much people are willing to pay. if you ask 400 and no one will pay that because their not registered then you lower the price. theres no puppy police for selling them for too much. its the idiot who bought the dog for that much that is at fault. lol.
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  • GoBlue

    $0 – you shouldn't bred dogs. There are 7 million homeless dogs in the US and you want to add some more just to make some money? Good idea.
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  • jennlovesanimals326

    If you aren't a breeder, you have no business selling puppies. A reputable breeder sells their pups with a guarantee, you cannot guarantee anything without knowing all the history of both parents, therefore you have no business selling them! If you sell someone a sick pup, your liable for a law suit! If your pup had a litter and you need to find homes for them, put them on petfinder, and ask for an adoption fee to ensure their safety. If you are VERY responsible, your pups should be spayed/neutered before you adopt them out!
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  • Yo LO! ©

    Whatever it costs you for their first shots and worming treatments…$50 maybe?
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  • Vampiress _ k9 lover

    between £0 and £0. because without it being registed its like admitting to being a byb.
    if your dog was KC reg, show quality, hip scored, health checked and all the reletive tests done THEN and ONLY THEN could you charge about £300+
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  • BYBs are losers, spay and neuter

    All of the above posters are correct, an unregistered dog is worth about as much monetarily as a mixed breed: The cost of shots and worming.

    Please SPAY and NEUTER your pets.
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  • We Want Cookies!!

    I would say no more than $75 since they are not AKC registered, which means that you breed pet quality dogs. That amount should be enough to cover shots and vet checks.
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  • Ista

    I won't buy a chihuahua that isn't registered. Were I willing the most I'd pay would be $100 and for that, it'd better be small, porportioned, and have the darling applehead, and the parents better have awesome personalities. If they are deerheaded ratty looking chi's, you couldn't pay me to take them with or without papers.

    They also need to have been wormed and have their shots started and up to date.
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  • Mr. P's Person

    You might get enough to cover the shots, but probably not enough to cover the c-section they ofen need for the birth (often $1,000+) and all the time you will need to take off work to raise the pups if the mother won't. Throw in sleepless nights, possible bottle feeding risk of losing the dam and many other things you may well change your mind.

    Of course no one with any sense will bye unregistered pups as they are worth no more than mutts in the pound.

    Spay your girl. You know it makes sense!
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  • ? DP

    $50 each maybe.. If they are not registered, it means somewhere along the line, someone stopped registering, obviously because they didn't feel they were worthy of registration, or they bred a dog that they had a limited registration on, or they bred a dog that was not a pure chihuahua.. They are mixed breed dogs if they are not registered. They are worth only $50 a piece.
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  • BYB's have teacup brains

    the cost to fix the parents + a $500 donation to your local no-kill shelter divided by the number of pups.

    Assuming 6 puppies:

    $400 alteration (both parents)
    $500 donation
    6 puppies

    = $150
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  • *L?vin'_Elmo*

    Depends on the "kind" of Chihuahua they are. Generally the ones that are less than 5 lbs at adult hood can go from $200 to $250 each. Above that weight your looking at around $150 without papers. Ofcourse this depends on where you live as well. If you live in a big city tack on around $50 dollars to each of those prices.
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    I recently sold a female chihuahua (unregistered) for my mother at $250. We live in a smaller town.

    And pay no attention to the idiots that insult you.

  • beno

    dogs arint for making money for you so you shouldint sell them
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  • ‹Pömš 4 Lïfë›

    Charge however much shots and vet checkup cost.
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  • anne b

    Not very much, seeing there are already over 5000 unwanted Chis on petfinder right now. Maybe you should stop thinking about the $$$ and start worrying about good homes.

    Or you could go into business with our friend above me and keep breeding and be responsible for filling the shelters even more.
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  • liveyourlife`

    Only as much as you put into them. This means their first shots and worming. I would say $50-$75 is fine.
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