What price can the Chihuahua puppies be sold for if not AKC. The morther is not ,the father is AKC?

The mother Chihuahua is not AKC but the father is AKC. Does this make the puppies part AKC or do they have to be full AKC and regeistered. What is a good price to sell them for?

They have to have both parents as AKC registered in order to register the pups. People will still buy puppies that aren't registered, but you have no way to prove that they are pure-bred Chihuahuas, since the mother is not registered.

I'd suggest selling them for the price it takes you to vaccinate and de-worm the pups, then get the female spayed.


    They have to be full AKC to make any kind of difference. Suggest spaying/neutering your animal.
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  • walkinglady

    If the mother is not registered, the puppies can't be. That means they're not worth much of anything. Why did you breed this dog? Certainly not to better the breed. Do her a favour and get her spayed.
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  • Melissa W

    Even if people do not want them for breeding they still usually want to get a chihuahua that is full bred. I am looking to get one right now, but I want a full grown female no more than 4lbs. I had one but lost her on May 4th 2006. I don't care if she is not AKC. But I will not pay a lot for one that is not AKC. The size of the mother & father will make a difference on how much money you can make. How much do mom & dad weigh?
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  • mandy

    Charge however much the puppies themselves cost you. You know, for the food they ate, the shots and dewormings and such. No reason to charge booku bucks when they are not AKC registered. And no, a dog cannot be part AKC. It's like that old BackStreetBoys song "all or nothing at all."

    ……………… My god I can't beleive I just quoted that…..
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  • Pauline J

    i breed miniature schnauzers thru the akc. both parents have to be registered. the going rate in our area is $100 for purebreeds without papers.
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  • sweetvalenciagirl

    You are not able to register the litter. In order for the litter to be register the mother and father both have to be registered by the AKC.

    How do I register my dog with the AKC?
    The sire and dam of your dog must be AKC registered and the litter, of which your dog is a member, must also be have been registered to obtain an individual registration application for your dog.

    The registration process is described here:


    The cost should be enough to recop for what you paid for in deworming, shots, etc.
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  • Gupeter

    The mother has to be certified. You can show that the mother gave the pups but there is no way to show that a specific male sired them. Sorry but that's the way it is. The puppies will not qualify as AKC certified and any dreams you may have for $500 a pup just won't happen.
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  • sparklejuls

    Both parents must be registered. I have two non registered Chi's and when we bred them we sold the puppies for 350.00 each. {I sold all three with NO problem] In fact I have a waiting list for more. However, I do not recommend breeding Chihuahuas unless you know both parents to your animals and you know that the bloodlines have not be compromised by means of interbreeding. Chi puppies are VERY fragile and must be cared for and you must take great care of the mother while pregnant. Many Chi females may have to have Cesarean because they may have problems with the delivery. Good luck.
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    Chi Breeder

  • Shannon

    They have to have both parents as AKC registered in order to register the pups. People will still buy puppies that aren't registered, but you have no way to prove that they are pure-bred Chihuahuas, since the mother is not registered.

    I'd suggest selling them for the price it takes you to vaccinate and de-worm the pups, then get the female spayed.
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  • Queen of the Dachshunds

    SPAY OR NEUTER!!!!!!!!

    1.Not all dogs are built to be bred.

    Most pets, although lovable, are not of breeding quality because they have genetic defects and other problems that should not be perpetuated. People who breed dogs for a living are very careful about choosing which dogs they will breed together based on physical characteristics and behavior. Some people decide that it would be fun to breed and just start looking for a dog that has the proper equipment and is willing. This can be a huge mistake.

    2. There are already too many dogs in the world.

    Breeding your pet is a serious endeavor and should not be taken lightly. There are far too many pets that end up in shelters without good homes. If your breed of dog has large litters, what will you do if you are unable to sell the puppies? Do you really want to contribute to the massive problem of pet overpopulation?

    3. Dogs that aren’t neutered face serious health risks.

    Consider your dog’s own health. Male dogs that are neutered are less likely to be hit by cars, because unaltered males have a very strong urge to roam and find a fertile female. Male dogs will go over or under fences, through doors and windows, and will pull leashes out of unsuspecting hands in quest of a mate.

    Additionally, neutering greatly reduces the incidence of prostatic disease and eliminates testicular cancer in males, and cuts down on breast cancer in females. The possibility of uterine infections is also eliminated by spaying.

    4. Female dogs used for breeding may have unwelcome visitors.

    If you spay your dog, you will not have to chase persistent male dogs out of your yard. Also, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up messy heat cycles.

    5. Be prepared to work like a dog when your pet goes into labor.

    Many people do not realize just how much work and expense is involved with letting dogs have puppies. Getting the mother through pregnancy is the easy part, but labor is truly laborious for dog and owner alike. Dogs usually decide to have their puppies at the most inconvenient times, like 2:00 in the morning when veterinary hospitals are closed.

    If your pet develops a problem during delivery, it means at least the expense of an emergency call. If the complications are life threatening, you must be prepared, especially if you have a breed of dog that has a broad head like a pug, to pay for an emergency C-section. It is very distressing to have to leave home in the middle of the night, worry about your pet, get a large veterinary bill and then try to explain to your boss why you cannot possibly come to work the next day.

    6. It can be devastating when the puppies die.

    There is always the prospect of the loss of some or all of the puppies. A neonatal mortality rate of 10 to 30 percent is considered normal. And, it’s easy to lose a puppy if you don’t have the experience or knowledge to care for newborns. Because puppies are not able to regulate their own body temperature initially, you may need to supplement their environment with heat.

    7. Not all dogs make the best mothers.

    If your female doesn’t have enough milk to feed all its puppies, or decides that feeding her offspring is not her cup of tea, it will be your responsibility to provide them with nutrition every three to four hours, round the clock. And how many mouths are there to feed?

    Another aspect of puppy care that you can look forward to if your dog wants nothing to do with her brood is the manual stimulation of urination and defecation. Until puppies are three weeks old they will only void if directly stimulated. If mom isn’t doing this, you will need to take a moistened cotton ball and gently rub the urogenital area until the babes begin to urinate and pass stool. Failure to do this can result in some pretty unhappy puppies.

    8. Good luck seeing a profit!

    Your last responsibility before they go to a new home is to have them dewormed, vaccinated, and examined by a veterinarian. You will want to make sure that you have budgeted a sufficient amount for this purpose. Needless to say, if you decide to breed mixed breed puppies, you have no opportunity to recoup this expense.

    Puppies are a lot of fun and it can be very exciting when they are born, but more often than not, owners find themselves in over their heads when they decide to endeavor into breeding.

    Article republished here with permission from VetCentric.com
    Copyright(c) 2000 by VetCentric.com

    SPAY OR NEUTER!!!!!!!!
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