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chihuahua rescue have a bigger following than one would think. Why just the other day when I was at the . . .

  • <3 breaker ?

    Chihuahua rescue?
    I live in Portland Oregon and i was wondering if anyone knows of a Chihaha rescue or a place were i can by a tea cup Chihuahua inexpensivly.
    Thanks alot!:)

  • Michaela Hart

    Hey cool i live there too!
    Sorry, friend, I don't know…
    But if you have comcast, you can find a pet on your TV.
    You could also try asking a local shelter.
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  • Diana B

    wow. Thats alot to ask for. Especially since its teacup. Teacups anytype and over 2000 dollars. I would most likely look for a breeder with a regular type. good luck.
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    NO!!!!! No teacups, there's no such thing as a teacup anything!

    Teacup is a term used to describe a runt, nothing more!
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  • George G

    Just google your portland dog rescue. Also, check your local pound before you buy. To many puppy mills are out there. If you do decide to go through a breeder, make sure you visit them and ask to see the puppies dame and stud.
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  • umacal

    Look on craigslist
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  • chihuahualady

    I have a friend in oregon that raises chihuahuas and they sell for 800.00 to 1000.00 dollars there. your best bet is your local humane society, try to google chihuahua rescue around you. I know there were 2 in california that needed to be rehomed because the owner passed away
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