Can all chihuahuas swim on their first time?

I wanna take my chihuahua in my pool this summer but I'm not sure if she will be able to swim. She doesn't really like her baths, she shakes through the entire bath and she shake when she hears water. Would it be a bad idea to take her swimming or would she probably learn to like it?
Thank you all for the tips, I think I will buy a life jacket for her first time just to get her used to it, and I know I would NEVER leave her unattended!

All the dogs by nature can swim, just trought any dog into the water & u will see, that is becouse it´s call the dog stile of swiming

  • Marian O

    Since it seems like she doesn't really like water why take her swimming.
    but if you still take her gently place her in the water and see if she swims. make sure you watch her too. but i think she might be really scared.
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  • Blue's Momma :) Bullies RULE

    If your afraid of water, why don't I stick you in something huge that's filled with it. It's like sticking me in a pool of snakes and spiders. Start with filling the bath tub to her elbows. She'll be freaked but treat her and love her. She'll adjust. Small steps equal leaps for Chihuahuas.
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  • the one

    All the dogs by nature can swim, just trought any dog into the water & u will see, that is becouse it´s call the dog stile of swiming
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  • Cribber

    She probably wouldn't like it much, but she can certainly swim. Being small, she won't have the endurance a larger dog would have. You can get a life jacket for her at Petco or online. They aren't expensive and it would help her float without so much struggle. However, she probably will be terrified and fighting the whole time. Don't force her to do something because you want her to when it is clear she will be frightened.
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  • adelitaesunachicamuybonita

    its okay to take her in the pool so long as you're with her. keep your arm under her before u let her down, and be real close to her in case anything happens. for most dogs swimming in instinctual.
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  • Diva

    I think all dogs know how to swim on instinct. But put a dog harness on her and take her to the shallow end. Keep a good grip on the leash and pull her up really quick if she starts to go under.
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    I did this with my dachshund when I took him to the beach for the first time. He started to swim on his own just fine but I had him on the harness just to be safe. He actually did start to go under and I had to pull him up by his harness.

  • phelipa1

    If she hates it I definitely wouldn't force her – if she doesn't like it she doesn't like it. She may learn to like it but I kind of doubt it if she hates baths that much already. If you are going to take her in make sure you support her, hold upnder her belly so that she doesn't panic or sink if she refuses to try and swim. Most dogs start kicking when they're in water but NEVER leave her unattended – she's little and can tire quickly, I've seen dogs who have died in swimming pools after falling in. Be careful!
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  • Lulu S

    i think u should.. those dogs r ALWAYS scared!!! i mean all dogs can natually swim and sum dont like it so see if ur pooch likes it and if not dont do it again!! he probly wont like it but there is a possibility!!
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  • ILY34 <loves pugs>

    It seems like she generally dislikes water.
    You could TRY to hold her in the pool in very shallow water
    to see if she enjoys it. If she dosen't like it, don't press
    it. Just take her out of the water and call it a day.
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