Chilapso Puppies for Sale!

2 Chilapso Puppies for Sale!SOLD OUT. tea cup chihuahua + lhasa apso = chilapso

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  • Membarock

    Love the video !

    Love the video !
    We also have Chilapso’s that we are selling,
    1 boy and 1 girl
    If yours are sold you can give out our number
    We will be in the Cedar City, UTah area for a week, then back home to Vegas at


    i want the one in 1 …
    i want the one in 1:22

  • videobabe212

    aww they are the …
    aww they are the cutest things in the world… too bad they all sold i probably would have bought one… heh

  • xxcasylolxx

    i wish i could have …
    i wish i could have one but i have enough puppies in my house:(

  • amaris94


  • amaris94

    ill give u

    ill give u

  • puppielover123

    how much and were …
    how much and were do you live

  • Scibidydurpitybop

    How much ??
    How much ??

  • bigben0316

    I got a Lhasa Apso, …
    I got a Lhasa Apso, but that, OMG, is INCREDIBLY cute.

  • dizzgk

    how much
    how much

  • fineazncreationz

    where u located i …
    where u located i want a puppy

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