how much should a six week old teacup chihuahua eat, and how often?

just brought her home today and having some problems getting her to drink water.

She may be weaned from her mothers teats, but she should NOT be away from her!!! She is WAY to young, and you really need to take her back to the breeder.

  • Tony

    as much as she wants,like any puppy
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  • the_looney_fish

    she will drink when she is thirsty. and 6 week old should be eating 3 times a day and the amount differs from food to food. read the label of your food. make sure you are feeding it puppy small breed.
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  • sherry h

    Was she drinking and eating solids before? Sometimes people sell or give away puppies that haven't been separated from their mother and trained on how to eat and drink on their own. She proabably won't eat a whole lot right at first because it is all new to her. Did they tell you what they were feeding her? It is a good idea to feed her the same thing to avoid stomache upset.
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  • chalbri


    Please take her back to the breeder. You got ripped off and scammed.

    "teacup" means that it is a runt with health problems, and should not have been bred. A responsible breeder would never call any dog a "teacup" and would never breed runts.

    She should still be with her mother and litter mates. She is far too young to be away from them! Another reason you bought from a BYB or puppy mill.
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  • ~cher~

    She may be weaned from her mothers teats, but she should NOT be away from her!!! She is WAY to young, and you really need to take her back to the breeder.
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  • elixa

    Oooo 6 weeks is ever so young!! Esp for a teeny breed…..

    I was fostering a 6 week old jack russel & he didn't like drinking water either… I put him on a tiny breed food, moistened & fed lots of small meals, & gave him some Lactol (puppy formula)….

    By the time he went to his new home at 8 weeks, he was drinking water & eating 3 dry meals a day….

    At that age, you should really get her to the vet to be healthchecked any way & they would be able to suggest a suitable food for her….
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  • Fatchihuahualover

    Well first there is no such thing as a "teacup" chihuahua its a scam made up by breeders for people to pay more for a small dog.. there is only reg chihuahuas and toy chihuahuas..but to your problem she prolly is just nervous for being in a new place, she will drink and eat when she is ready.
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    I have 6 toy chihuahuas

  • Chihuahualove2

    Threre's no such thing as a tea cup Chihuahua breeders say that to trick the buyers. There's small Chihuahua that are purposely breed down but teacup ones no. Most of them end up with some sort of health issue later down the road. Most good breeders also don't sell off their pups until they are 8 weeks old. 6 week old pups really don't drink much water because most have just started weaning. Please take her for her first vet visit for baby shots and check up Monday.
    Good luck
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  • amelias mommy

    if she is eating to much do about 1/4 a cup three times a day if shes not eating enough leave food down at all times. also mixing goats milk(not cows) to solid food helps when there that young. as for water try putting some on your finger and putting it on her nose and up to her mouth. if after a couple days your still having this problem you need to go see your vet.
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  • Meaghan Edwards

    All you need to learn about "teacup" anything (applies to ALL breeds):
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    10+ years of being a shelter volunteer and pet owner

  • surfbabe6669

    how could any breeder sell a pup at 6weeks….
    (sell and let you take her home)..

    that is horrible!!!!!!!!!

    have you tried dipping your finger in water and putting water into the dogs mouth a little, if she is not getting water at that age, she can get dehydrated very quickly.

    was she weaned?
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  • Apricot Lover

    Maybe you could bring her back to her mama so the mama can teach her how to eat and drink from a bowl. People don't realize how important it is for puppies to stay with their mama until 8 weeks old. Mamas teach them soooooo much in that time.
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  • Formal Complaint

    She should be with her mother!!!
    Oh I forgot you got her from a BYB/MILL well in that case I HOPE YOU HAVE MONEY FOR THE VET BILLS
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  • Peter L


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  • Rileyg3

    What can I feed my 8 week old chihuahua Lola plz can u help x

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