What's the difference between a TOY and a TEACUP chihuahua?

weight and appearance?

$2000 a year in vet bills.

  • Mom of Three

    $2000 a year in vet bills.
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  • mcc

    chihuahua's come in smooth and long coat – size is a way for less than reputable breeders to get more money for the dogs.
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  • ?Maltese Lover?

    There is no such thing as a "toy" chihuahua, and no such thing as a "teacup" anything. There are toy poodles, but no toy chihuahuas, because the breed standard calls for anything UNDER 6lbs. That means anything from .005 lbs (God forbid any BYB's or Puppy Millers breed a dog that small), up to 6lbs. Therefore, all chihuahua's are just plain old chihuahua's. No teacup. No toy. Just chihuahua. And just so you know, the term "teacup" is just a way for BYB's and Puppy Mills to sell tiny, undersized, unhealthy runts to uneducated people.
    A chihuahua is technically a "toy breed", but it isn't a called "toy chihuahua", such as a Toy Poodle would be. Just wanted to clarify.
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  • scalloper

    Toys are between 3 – 5 lbs, teacups under 1 lbs
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  • Shannon

    No such thing as either one.

    A Chihuahua's a Chihuahua. Read the breed standard.


    EDIT: scalloper: Under a pound? That dog would be dead. You have absolutely NO idea what you're talking about.
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  • jodi h

    tea cup is smaller….the ones like pais hilton walks around with…tiny, just a few pounds
    toy is larger but still a small dog…like on the taco bell commercial
    I just watch a "Curb your enthusiasm" show on HBO about a exterminated that Larry David took to a play, Larry's father yelled "RAT" and the exterminator got up and stomped it because some say they look like rats or mice. It sounds terrible but the show is hillarious.
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    didn't mean to offend anyone….sorry

  • Meaghan Edwards

    There are only two kinds of Chihuahua; longhair and short hair. There is no such a thing as a "teacup" variety of ANY breed, unless you're referring to what they're selling at the Royal Doulton store.

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    10+ years of being a shelter volunteer, pet owner and lifelong animal lover

  • liveyourlife`

    Nothing. There's no such thing as a toy or teacup chihuahua. The chihuahua is in the toy group, but there's only one standard. Anyone advertising as toy, teacup, micro, etc. are not responsible breeders. A responsible breeder adheres to the breed standard, and they don't slap cutsie names on their tiny, runts of the litter to sell them for top dollar.

    According to the breed standard, a chihuahua must not exceed 6 pounds. If that's the case, wouldn't a 2 pound chihuahua still be within that standard because it's under 6 pounds and still be considered a regular chihuahua? How can there be toys and teacups then?
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  • Tim

    Not a thing after I drop kick them 50 yards.
    I hate those little ankle nippers.
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  • Star J

    "Toys are between 3 – 5 lbs, teacups under 1 lbs", —— if this is true what is a dog more than a pound and less than 3 pounds called?
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  • I want 2 chihuahuas!!!!

    Teacup chihuahua weighs less and is smaller than a toy one.

    Teacup has a smaller body that is skinny, and bigger ears.

    Toy has a bigger body with small ears.

    Teacup has eyes that are spread wider than a toy one.

    Ears on a teacup stick more to the side of the head and they toy chihuahua's don't…….

    That is pretty much the difference=)
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  • Brian L

    The Chihuahua can come in different sizes but they are still small. There is a particular range in weight and hieght where they are considered eligible to be in a dog show, but because of genetics there will be dogs both larger and smaller that the "show quality" dogs. It happens in all breeds. I had a "min pin" that was almost 2 in taller than "show quality."

    There is no teacup chihuahua. When an all-breed association or kennel club divides dog breeds into groups for purposes of competition, the Toy Group contains most of the smallest dog breeds in the club's registry. Although it is called a "Toy" dog the Chihuahua is the worlds smallest breed of dog.
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  • Schnoodle_Mom88

    Toy Chihuahua's are stuffed with soft fibers and TEacup Chihuahua's are made of glass….

    No, seriously, there is only one recognized size of Chihuahua. Anything smaller than the normal size is called a runt. But greedy people decided that the term runt wouldn't sell their poorly bred dogs, and stuck a cutesy name on them to make them more appealing.

    So they're basically poorly bred runts that will cost you more money as the years go on. The only difference in appearance is … well…. never saw one in real life so i don't know. It's probably just really bug eyed, fragile, and a pound or two difference.
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